Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Christmas: Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Old Testament Lesson

Jonah 2:2-9

Jonah cried out to God in the midst of his distress. He cried out to God in the midst of the disaster and God delivered Him. And, if you remember the story of Jonah, Jonah had done nothing to deserver being saved. He had disobeyed God. He ran from God. He didn't do what God wanted him to do. And, in spite of that, God still intervened to save him. Because God loved him. God's love for Jonah was greater than any disappointment He felt over Jonah's action. God's love for you is the same today. Today, you are loved, no matter what

New Testament Lesson

Ephesians 6:10-20

Paul reminds us to put on the armor of God. This will be a day of battle. We will battle against temptation. We will battle against things that are wrong. We will battle against doubt, against hate, against anger, against sin. We will battle these things today.

And Paul reminds us that we will not fight alone. If we fight against temptation by ourselves and in our own strength, we will lose. If we fight against anger in our own strength, we will lose. If we battle against these things in our power, we stand no chance.

But, through God, though His power, through His strength, through His armor, we can overcome these things. Don't give up, don't fear. Through God we will win whatever it is that are fighting against.

Gospel Lesson

John 11:17-27, 38-44

We see that Jesus has the power to conquer even the power of the grave. He is greater than even that. He conquered even that. So, today, whatever you facing, be it problems at work, with family, with friends, with yourself, with whatever - Jesus is bigger than that. Jesus is bigger than whatever you face today. Trust in Him and His power. And know that He will never leave us. May we find the power and joy of His life today, in all that we face.

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