Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Ordinary Time: Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Old Testament Lesson

Genesis 9:1-17

God is a God of covenant. He enters into, in many ways, a partnership with us. He says, I will do this, if you will do this. Think about it. He's God. He doesn't have to do that. He doesn't have to do anything. He doesn't have to base His actions upon us. He doesn't have to show us mercy, or even concern. Yet, He does. He is a God that not only loves His creation, He wants to be at work with us His creation.

Think about it, what does He really need us for? Nothing. Yet, He loves us. He cares for us. He works with us, He uses us. He calls us. He empower us. He forgives us. He doesn't have to do any of that. Yet He does. For He loves us. Above all, He loves us.

New Testament Lesson

Hebrews 5:7-14

The writer of Hebrews calls us to move from the milk of new faith to the meat of deeper faith. We are called to grow in the faith. We are called to grow in faith. We are not perfect, we make mistakes. We are not yet what we ought to be. But, are we growing? The question doesn't need to be are perfect? The question needs to be are growing. Not are we perfect, but are we more faithful today than we were yesterday. May we see to be faithful today, and each day.

Gospel Lesson

John 3:16-21

We all know John 3:16. We learn it a young age in church. It's part of the knowledge that we have. But, what bout 3:17? It's one of my favorites. Jesus didn't come into the world to condemn it, but to save it. God doesn't want to condemn you. He wants to save you. Above all, God wants to know you, but in relationship with you, care for you, guide you, lead you. God Almighty, maker of all that is, both seen and unseen, whats to know you. Wants to be your friend and guide.

Wow. How awesome is that? Today, in this day, there is a God that knows you and wants to love you. Jesus came not to judge us, but to save us. May we experience the life giving power of His love today.

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