Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Ordinary Time: Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Old Testament Lesson

Genesis 16:1-14

We see here what doubt can do. It can cause us to seek a way, other than God's way. We see here that Sarah started to doubt what God said He would do, and so she decided she had to take it into her own hands, do it her own way, make her own plan and take care of it all herself. Instead of trusting.

Trusting is hard. It is not easy. It is not easy to trust when we don't know how it's going to turn out. It's hard to trust when we are unsure of the way. It's hard to trust in times of uncertainty. But remember, God is true to what He said He would do. He is true to who He is. And, we can trust Him. No matter what.

New Testament Lesson

Hebrews 9:15-28

Remember that Jesus Christ Himself speaks on our behalf before God. He is at the right hand of God, interceding for us, pulling for us, cheering for us, praying for us. You're not in this alone. I know it may feel like it sometimes. You're not. God is with you. Jesus is on your side. He's pulling for you. Trust (there's that word again). Trust in Him. He will not lead you astray.

Gospel Lesson

John 5:19-29

Jesus reminds us that this life is not the end. There is life beyond this life. This life is just a foretaste of true life. This life is just the beginning. Don't forget in the midst of your struggles and trials and problems. This life is not the end. There is more to come. Hold fast to one that made you, that loves you, and that has called you. Trust in Him. And find His life.

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