Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Ordinary Time: Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Old Testament Lesson

Genesis 4:1-16

The Lord warned Cain, temptation is lurking. It's right there, waiting on him. And he gave into that temptation, that anger. And great, great harm was caused by it, a life created by God was ended. Cain could not keep temptation at bay.

Today, temptation lurks for each of us as well. It is there, waiting for us. We each have our weakness, our frailties, our own temptations. Today, temptation will be lurking for us. God, through His grace, gives us a means to resist. When temptation comes, may we find strength in God's grace.

New Testament Lesson

Hebrews 2:11-18

We see here the answer to the problem posed in the first text. Through Jesus, we see how one triumphs over sin, over the power of evil, over all these things. Through Jesus, through His blood, through His victory, through Him, we can over come that temptation, we can over come those trials. Temptation will come, but Jesus will give us the power to resist when it does come. Be ready and turn to Him. We can over come.

Gospel Lesson

John 1:29-42

Jesus called these Disciples. They weren't perfect, they all had their weakness. But, Jesus saw them for more than they were, He saw them for what they could be, through Him. Alone, each of these disciples were ordinary. Through Him, they did extraordinary things. Through Him, each of them were able to do, and be, and something amazing for God. Through Jesus, you can too.

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