Monday, June 19, 2006

Ordinary Time: Monday, June 19, 2006

Old Testament Lesson

Numbers 9:15-23, 10:29-36

One of the things we see so clearly for the Israelites after they left Egypt, was that the Lord lead them at all times. They were in a place they didn't know, they knew where they were going, but had never been there, and they could not go back to where they had come from. They had one option, and one option alone. They had to follow the leading of God.

Of course, they got in trouble when they did not follow the Lord's leading. They strayed when they wanted to do things there way. If they followed the Lord, things went as they should, when they followed their will, their desires, their "stuff," they were defeated and nearly destroyed.

Today, we don't always know where we are going, don't always know the way. But, the Lord will lead, if we will allow. Today, will you follow Him, or do it you way? If we follow, we will wind up where we need to be. If we try to lead, we may wander in the wilderness for 40 years. Today, will you follow your will, or will you follow God?

New Testament Lesson

Romans 1:1-15

Paul says that he longs to go to the church in Rome, so that they might be mutually encouraged by each other's faith. I love that concept; it is one of my favorites in Scripture. When we are with those that believe, we can be encouraged by their faith, and we can be encouraged by each others. That is one reason why church is so important. Not just of the worship and the preaching, but for the gathering together of God's people, for us to be encouraged by each other's faith, to know that we are not all alone in our walk with God.

Sometimes, we feel like we might be all alone. We may be at times tempted to think we are the only one that God has left. That is not true. We must stick close to brothers and sisters in Christ, so that we can be mutually encouraged. So that we realize don't walk this road alone. So that we know that we can keep going, because fellow Christians will walk beside us. Today, be encouraged in your faith, and know that you are not the only one! There are others the walk this road of faith, just as you do right now.

Gospel Lesson

Matthew 17:14-21

For us to do great things for God, we must have great faith in God. The only thing limiting what God do through us right now is our faith. The only thing that keeps us from knowing God more deeply each day is our lack of faith. He would do so much more through us if we would just believe. Sometimes before I worship I ask our folks at church what do they expect God to do in worship? Sometimes, we come to church simply because that's what good people do. We don't expect God to do anything. Until we have faith God will move, we will not see it.

Today, do you have faith that God can do great things through you? Do you have faith that the same Jesus Christ that we read in the Bible is the same one that speaks to us now? Do you have faith that the same Holy Spirit present at Pentecost is the same one within us now? These things are true. It is our lack faith that is keeping God from moving in a powerful way.

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