Tuesday, June 6, 2006

Pentecost: June 6, 2006

Old Testament Lesson

Ecclesiastes 2:16-26

In this passage, we are reminded that we have no control over those that come after us. We can't control the actions of our children or grandchildren. When they grow older, they will make their own choices and decisions. We see in history that many people have worked hard in their lives only to see their children squander all the work they had put in. Part of what Ecclesiastes teaches us is that we cannot find contentment in the form of another person. We cannot find our identity in our spouses, our children, our grandchildren, friends, or any other human.

We have to find that identity in Jesus Christ. While I am the husband of Holly, the father of Sarah and the soon to be father of Thomas, the son of Connie and Maxine, the pastor of Coy UMC, the title that has to put above all others is Andy, child of God. That has to be my primary identity. Likewise, it must be the same for each of us.

New Testament Lesson

Galatians 1:19-2:10

We see in this passage that Paul had one area of ministry, Peter had another. One was not better than the other; they were equal, just different. We are all not the same, we each have gifts and graces given to us by God. We don't have to be the same. But, for the church to be what God calls it to be, we must each do our part. We must each do what God has called us to do. If Peter would not have done what God had called him to do, the church would not be what it is today. If Paul had not done what he was called to do, those of us that are Gentiles would not be Christians.

Today, what had God call you to that no one else can do. Today, may you be faithful to this Almighty God that has called you to great things.

Gospel Lesson

Matthew 13:53-58

We see in this passage those famous words of Jesus, a prophet has no honor in His hometown. That worries me since I'm preaching Homecoming at Johnston Chapel UMC (my home church) in a few weeks. Hopefully they won't try to throw me off a cliff like they did to Jesus one time.

Why does a prophet not have any honor in his hometown? Probably because they don't see him as a prophet. They see him as the child they used to see playing in street. He is a prophet, but they don't see it, because they are not looking as God would have them to look.

Quite often, God tries to speak to us through ways we might not expect, or through people we might not expect. And, we miss the message because we don't think God could speak to us through that means. Today, God is trying to speak to you, maybe through a way you might not expect. Are you eyes open to see how God could speak to you? Are you ears open to hear what God has to say? Today, God will speak. The question is do we pay attention.

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