Monday, June 5, 2006

Pentecost: Monday, June 4, 2006

Old Testament Lesson

Ecclesiastes 2:1-15

This books warns us that so many of the things that we think we have to have are actually meaningless. The myth that are pleasure is all important is proved false in this book. Likewise, the notion that that even wisdom will bring contentment is proven false. This entire books is a log of someone examining all the pleasures of life and find that they all, at the end of the day, leave you empty if there is not something greater.

Our world tells us one more possession, one more whatever will be all that is required to make us content and make us happy. We find that is not true, these things, if there is not something greater (God) in our lives, simply leave us more and more empty.

Today, where is your life? Is it found in your possessions? Or is it found in Jesus. If it is not in Jesus, then you will remain empty.

New Testament Lesson

Galatians 1:1-17

This is what is most important to Paul, the Gospel. Nothing else can compare to it. It must be what he is about. It should be the same for you and me as well. The Gospel must be at the center of who we are, for we have been saved by this Gospel and we must exchange nothing for it

Nor must we substitute anything for it. Not our works, not our family, not our job, nothing. We are saved by the Gospel, by nothing else. Remember, we live under grace, so no one can brag. Today, are you living by God's grace?

Gospel Lesson

Matthew 13:44-52

We are supposed to catch the fish, let God clean them. So often, we feel like we have to clean the fish, but that is what God will do. He clean us of our sins, and will clean others as well. We just have to do our part to catch them. Today, are you doing all you can to make sure that more fish are caught for the kingdom?

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