Thursday, June 22, 2006

Ordinary Time: Thursday, June 22. 2006

Old Testament Lesson

Numbers 12:1-16

Let's contrast the two reactions that we have seen in the past two days. Yesterday's passage Moses is not upset that other folks are speaking through God's power, he wishes everyone would do it. That is what he told Joshua, don't be jealous for my sake. He was more concerned with God moving than with him getting all the credit.

Today, we see Aaron and Miriam. And they too have the same point Moses had; can't God speak through others? But, they make it personal against Moses. It is more about Moses than it is about God speaking. So, yesterday, Moses is not jealous, today, they are.

What is the difference? Why do Moses not care who gets the credit and they are obsessed over it? Look where the focus is for each person. For Moses is it is about God working, for Aaron and Miriam, it is about them getting the attention they feel like they deserve. Each day, we have a choice. Will we focus on God and His work, or will we focus on our selves? Will we focus on obeying God, or will we focus on making sure we get the credit?

New Testament Lesson

Romans 2:12-24

Paul says today that those that think they are righteous and point out to other their sins had better sure make sure they are not committing the same sins. As Christians in this dark age, we are called to stand for righteousness. But, instead of just standing up for it, we must make sure that we are not doing. Like Paul said, what good is it for us to say that adultery is wrong if we are committing adultery. Our name and our lives should be our biggest declaration of faithfulness. If we live what we believe, we will make and impact. But, if we just say what we believe, our words are easily ignored. Today, don't just say what you believe, live it.

Gospel Lesson

Matthew 18:10-20

I believe that the first parable is an earlier version of the parable that John wrote about yesterday. We see in both these parables, the emphasis is upon redemption. That lost sheep can be found. That brother that has sin against you can be forgiven. We should go to the farthest reaches to bring folks back home; to make sure the brother is forgiven, to see the lost sheep come back to the fold. God is a god that forgives and love and calls. And He calls us to do the same. Today, if you are that lost sheep, come home. The Master is out looking for you. And if you are wronged by someone, forgive. And if you have wronged someone, go to them, and ask them to forgive you. The Christian life call us to humble ourselves and seek that reconciliation and that forgiveness that is found only in Christ.

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