Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Easter: Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Old Testament Lesson

Exodus 32:21-34

We see in this passage just how serious God takes sin, and we see the effects of sin. Sin is a dangerous thing, it is not something that we should play with. You know how a child wants to touch things that make look interesting, but will hurt them? That is how sin is for us. And just as we tell the child, no, that will hurt, that will burn, so does God tell us, no sin will destroy you. One of my favorite quotes about sin comes from Max Lucado, "The reason why God hates sin so much is because of what it does to His children."

Sin will destroy us, and destroy those that we love. But, it also looks so tempting. It is in the time of temptation that we must turn to God. For, we don't have the strength ourselves to resist. But, through God's power, God's strength, and God's grace, we can resist. For, His grace can allow us to do more than we ever think possible!

New Testament Lesson

1 Thessalonians 1:1-10

Paul says something here that I love. He says that their faith has become so well know in the areas around them that they don't even have to speak about it; people just have seen their lives and have seen the changes that God's grace has brought. Sometimes it is hard to speak about our faith. Sometimes we don't know the right words, don't know exactly what we ought to say. Now, we need to allow God's grace to work through us so that if He has something for us to say, we can say it.

But, the loudest words we'll ever speak are not with our mouths. They are with our lives. God doesn't really need more folks to talk about Him, He needs more folks to live for Him. The words our lives are the most important words we speak. When we treat others with respect, with love, with honor, with forgiveness, when we treat them as we would like to be treated ourselves, we preach the gospel. Remember, today as we live grace filled lives, we can preach the gospel of our Lord!

Gospel Lesson

Matthew 5:11-16

As our Lord tell us, when we let our light shine before others, praise will be given to God. When we let the light of Christ shine through in our lives, God is glorified. And that is something we can all do! Remember God doesn't always ask us to climb that high mountain, He just asks us to be faithful. And, when we are faithful, He'll do the rest. Today, let's let God's light shine through in our lives, and let's see all the great things He can do!

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