Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Easter: Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Today, we'll have just a quick devotional thought.  Those of you that are United Methodist, remember to be in prayer for our General Conference, which meets every four years to set policy for the United Methodist Church. And, for all of us, let us remember each other in prayer.  

found a great quote by John Wesley today that I wanted to share with you:  This was his advice of Wesley to Christians with bad attitudes. 

"Sour godliness is the devil's religion."

Does that describe us today? Are are godly, but sour?  Shouldn't we as Christians be the most joyful?  But, are we sometimes the most negative?  Do we talk about the love God with a look of disgust on our face? Do we look for reasons to put down? To criticize?  It is not just that we should talk about how much we love God, we should let God's love shine through!  

Remember, today, it is not just that we should talk about God, we should live for Him with abandonment.

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