Monday, January 12, 2009

Epiphany: Monday, January 12, 2009

Old Testament Lesson

Who is like our God?  It is He who made the stars in the heavens, it is He that breathed into the breath of life.  He holds all the world together and is our shield and defender.  Sometimes it is easy for us to forget how mighty and powerful God is.  We can focus on ourselves and our stuff, and we can forget the depth of His power and might.  

Remember today that the very God of the universe, the very one that created everything, both seen and unseen, the Lord of Lords, KIng of Kings, God of creation.  Is here with us.  Now.  In our midst. And He wants to know you.  Love you. Care for you.  Guide you.  

That, my friends, is awesome.  

New Testament Lesson

Paul reminds us that our true inheritance is not of the world, but is the inheritance of the Sons and Daughters of God.  We are rightly called the children of God. Through Him, we can have abundant, full life here in this place and in this time. And, we have the hope of eternity.  

We have the assurance of being loved children, and the confidence of know that will have life, now, and forever. So, let's live boldly!  With courage!  And strength!  And power!  For, we are the sons and daughters of God!  Let's live with the freedom and security of being the children of God. 

Gospel Lesson

We see that God sent John to point the way to Jesus.  In may ways, that is our job as well. Through our lives, our words, our joy, our grace, our friendship, through all we do, that is our calling. We are called to point to Jesus. We are call through all that we do to show others who He is, show His grace and love and show His desire to save the world. 

Today, let's be an arrow pointing to heaven.  

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