Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Epiphany: Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Today is Epiphany.  It is the day we remember the arrival of Wise Men. They didn't actually get to Bethlehem until Jesus was older, some scholars think he may have been about two years old.  

But, this day, we remember that they came to worship Him as well.  He was the light to all.  Not just to His people, but to all the world. 

There is not a person you will meet today that God doesn't love. 

That co-worker that drives you crazy.

God loves them. 

You boss that is always in a bad mood?  

God loves them.

That classmate that is an outcast from all the others in school

God loves them. 

Jesus is the light of the world.  Not just of you and me, but all of the world. And we are called to be mirrors of that light.  We are called to shine that light to all. Those that we like. Those that are like us. Those that agree with us.  

And, to those that we don't like. Those that we disagree with us. Those that don't like us. 

For, God loves them, and Christ died for them. 

Today, we remember that the Wise Men came to worship the King. And we remember that the King died and was resurrected so that they, and all of us, could have life to the full. 

At Ripley FUMC in this year, we are going to seek to be full. Full of grace, full of faith, full of life.  

Maybe, in this new year, we can each be full as well. Full of grace, full of faith, full of life. 

For, Jesus came to bring light.  To all the world. Today, we remember that many came to worship.  May we be among that number as well.  

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