Thursday, January 15, 2009

Epiphany: Thursday, January 15, 2009

Old Testament Lesson

God says that when those that are in need cry out, He will deliver them.  He will bring forth water, He will bring forth shade and rest.  And, how does He do that?  How does He take care of those that are in need?  How does He care for the ones most in need of His mercy?  

Lots of ways, but to me, the coolest is this.  He uses you and me.  As the church and as individual Christians, we are the hands and feet of God.  We can take His good news, His mercy, His grace, to all that need to hear it. Through our lives, our words, our compassion, all that we are, God may allow us to be just the thing that someone that we may meet today needs. We may be that communication of Grace today that someone needs. 

New Testament Lesson

God is in the business of bringing His children together.  I heard a speaker this week that had returned recently from a mission trip to Africa, and he confirmed something I found to be true in other places.  America is main place in the world where Christians fuss and fight over our differences.  In other parts of the world, if you are Christian, that's all that matters.  But here, we sometimes like to make a big deal over our difference and allow them to separate us. 

John Wesley said that if you heart has been warmed as my heart has, than give me your hand.  I think today, as Christians, that should be who we are.  If you confess and follow Christ, as I do, then, in spite of any differences we may have, we are family. 

Gospel Lesson

This man's friends loved him enough that they would do whatever they had to do to allow him to meet Jesus and experience Him.  They would sacrifices themselves to make sure their friend was made whole. That's what friends do.  They give of themselves for one another. They do what they have to do to help each other. They care for each other. CS Lewis said that the love of friendship maybe the strongest of all the types of love. 

Today, may we thank God for the friends that we have in our lives. And, may we see to be the best of friends that we can be to our friends.  

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