Monday, February 23, 2009

Epiphany: Monday, February 23, 2009

Old Testament Lesson

We see the Lord reminding the people.  Some good stuff is going to happen to you. God is going to bless you.  You are going to get land, houses, vineyards. All these good things. 

When they come, though, don't forget who gave them to you.  It was not because of your own strength, but it was because of God. God is the one that made this success possible. God is the one that brought the victory. God is the one that makes all the good things in our lives possible.

So should we be. When we encounter success.  Victory.  Achievement.  A blessing of any type.  Let us not be too quick to grab the credit. But, let us remember that it is God that makes all these good things possible. 

New Testament Lesson

Of all the ways that God has spoken, the Loudest was through His Son. Through Jesus, we see the ultimate revelation of God, the Word of God. Thought Jesus, we see who God is. 

Well, then, who is God? He is love, mercy, dan compassion. He forgives.  He heals.  He comforts.  He brings life to the dead. He's not much on the self righteous or the holier than thou.  In fact, He spends most of His time with those that would not always have been acceptable to the holier than thou crowd.  

In short, He is Love. And, today, this day.  He loves each of us. 

Gospel Lesson

We see once again in this passage that Jesus is the Word.  He is with the Father, and all things were created through Him.  He is at the very right hand of God.  He is King of King, and LOrd of Lords. 

And yet, He gave all that up, to come to Earth to show us God's love, God's grace, God's comfort. Today, may we realize just how beloved we are, and may we live out that same love with each other.  

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