Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Epiphany: Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Old Testament Lesson

Awake!  Rise up!  Hope!  Your Redeemer comes!  That's the message of this passage. God will bring restoration to His people.  God will save His people.  Things will not always be as they are now.  God is in the Hope business.  God is bringing His people to life.  Rise up! 

Whatever it is that is keeping you down this morning, know that God is at work!  He will help you throw off the yoke and live.  He desires to see His people really, really live.  Live joyously, knowing that God is at work.  

New Testament Lesson

We see Paul tell about having a physical problem while their, but they didn't hold it against him.  Paul started churches all over the world.  He preached, he taught, he did much. But, he was also never fully healthy.  We don't know what his illness was, but it was something that greatly plagued him. 

And, in spite of whatever it was, he never gave up, or gave in.  He kept working for the goal and mission given to him.  That goal was greater that the pain.  The mission was greater than the problem.  God was greater than the illness. 

So is it for you today. Whatever it is that brings you down, causes you pain plagues your life.  God is bigger than that. Now, He may not take it away, but He will give you strength to do whatever it is He has called you to.  Hope in that. 

Gospel Lesson

We see Jesus make provision out of very little.  He took care of the people.  He cared for them.  He loved them.  He fed them.  He provided. Today, in this day, may we place our trust in Him, and know that He will give us this day our daily bread.  

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