Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Epiphany: Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Old Testament Lesson

One of the constants we see in scripture is that things are not always easy for God's people.  Sometimes their problems are of their own makings, such as the struggles of the Israelites.  Sometimes their problems are because of the opposition of the world, such as the churches in Revelation.  

But, in all cases, God promises He will be there with His people, even in the midst of their troubles.  Even if their troubles are their own fault.  God will not leave His children, He will not abandon them in the moment of need.  His grace is always there, at all times. And, will be the shield, protected, and hope, for all that rely upon Him.  

New Testament Lesson

Paul reminds us that we are the children of the promise.   As Christians, the whole catalog of God's promises are ours, as well as the main point behind the promise. The promises of God remind us that God's goodness to us is not because of our worth, but because of His Word.  None of those that are the recipients of the promise are "good," they all make mistakes, they all mess up, they are all imperfect. 

But, God's goodness to them is not because of who they are.  It's because of who He is. The same is true for us today.  His goodness to us is not because of who we are.  It's because of who He is. Today, live in the confidence of the fact no matter what, you are loved. 

Gospel Lesson

Anytime I feel like I don't measure up, I like to read about the disciples.  Because, bless their hearts, they never really got it till after Pentecost. They walked with Jesus, lived with Him, heard His teaching, and they missed the point half the time.  

It shows that God can and will use anyone.  Today, remember you're not the first person not be perfect, nor will you be the last.  Live in the understand that God's grace can use anyone.  The disciples, Or, even, any of us. 

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