Thursday, February 26, 2009

Lent: Thursday, February 26, 2009

Old Testament Lesson

The people are reminded that they are God's people. But, they are not God's people because of their great strength or might. They are not God's people because of their great numbers. They are not God's people because they have earned it or deserve it.

They are God's people because He has chosen them. Because He loves them. Because He has reached out to them. Because of Him.

Today, you are loved. Today, you are prized by God. Today, you are the apple of His eye. But, it's not because you have earned that love. It's not because you have done so much to make that love possible.

God loves you because that's who He is. He loves. Whether you are good or bad, saint or sinner. God is love. Today, and everyday, live with the assurance that you don't have to earn that love, it's freely given. And, live a life worthy of that love.

New Testament Lesson

Paul says that there are requirements for those that are leaders in the church. They aren't perfect, for Paul himself would tell you that he's not perfect. But, if you are going to recognized as a leader in the church, then you need to be living a life worthy of that position. Not a life of perfection, because no one, save Jesus, is perfect. But, a life dedicated to the Gospel. A life that shows Christian virtues. A life that shows the grace of love of Christ and His Church.

Today, to those that lead His church, may we live a life of devotion to Him. May we grow in grace and love of God and our neighbor. May we live by the power of the Spirit and in the assurance of Grace.

May we live for God.

Gospel Lesson

Jesus is the Lamb that comes to take away the sins of the world. Today, you can be forgiven.

Think about that.

Whatever it is that you can't forgive yourself of, today, you can be forgiven. Through Jesus, God is offering you forgiveness.


From whatever it is that is plaguing. Robbing your sleep. Killing your soul.

You can be forgiven.

If you will turn it over to Him.


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