Monday, February 9, 2009

Epiphany: Monday, February 8, 2009

Old Testament Lesson

The Lord reminds the people today that is it not the "stuff" of religion He's interested in.  God does not want us to go through the motions of having religion, He wants us to actually have religion.  Help those in need, take care of each other.  Love.  Forgive. Serve.  Believe.  Have faith. 

He wants a faith that starts in the heart, and works it's way out into our lives.  It's not about what we "do," it's about who we are "are." And, who we are will show its self in what we do. 

Today, may we have a heart for God and for His mercy.  

New Testament Lesson

Paul says may I never boast in anything, other than the cross of Christ, and the new creation.  As believers, as Christians, as those that love God, today, may we be humble.  May we remember that the source of our strength is God, that He is our ability, our courage, our very life. And today, and each day, if we boast, may it be in Him.  

Gospel Lesson

I preached on passage as found in Matthew yesterday.  Even a cup of cold water, given in His name, is a great thing. Today, we don't have climb the highest mountain, or swim the deepest sea.  If we can give just a cup of cold water, we are doing something for God. 

I preached yesterday that the goal of the church is not build the church, but to change the world.  How do we do that?  We give one cup of cold water each, one cup at a time.  

Today, be faithful.  Give that cup.  And, in doing that, we will change the world!  

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