Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Lent: Tuesday, March 10. 2009

I can't believe that Holly's managed to put up with me for 8 years today.

Old Testament Lesson

Jeremiah 2:1-13

The Israelites got in trouble when they chased after the things that were really worthless. Sometimes the things that we think that we want are not what we expected. All the money in the world can't fill an empty heart. Want we all want it love, and joy and peace and hope.

Those things can't be bought. Can't be earned. Can't even be chased. They are given. They are given by God's grace, they are given by those that we love, they are given by relationships that we build. Today, chase that. Don't chance the worthless, chase that which gives live.

New Testament Lesson

Romans 1:16-25

The righteous will live by faith, not by sight. I like to see where I'm going. I like to know how the path will end. I like to be in control, have everything the way I like it. That's what Andy wants.

The Bible teaches us, though, that the righteous live not by sight, but by sight. They live by trust. They live by trusting in what God's doing and in following the leading of His Spirit. They live by walking with Him each day and following His leading. The righteous, they live by faith. May we be righteous today, may we walk by faith.

Gospel Lesson

John 4:43-54

Jesus did these signs so that people would believe. Lives were healed, children were raised, hope was restored. Because of Jesus. That is what He does. Look in your own life and see the hope and restoration He has given. Look in the lives of others. See the hope and restoration He has given.

And believe. And find life.

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