Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Lent: Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Old Testament Lesson

A powerful verse today. God told the people to look forward, not backwards. Look at what He has called you to be, not who you used to be. Look at the new life ahead, not the old life behind. Look at the grace in new day, not the sin was behind. Look forward to what is to come, not what lay behind.

For God is ahead. New life is ahead. Forgiveness is ahead. Don't focus on what you used to be. Focus on who God is calling you to be. Look forward, not backwards.

New Testament Lesson

One of the reasons reasons why Abraham is our great example of faith was that he kept hoping and having faith, even when things didn't look good. He left behind what was known, to go to what was unknown. Because God had called him. And he had faith in God. He had faith, even when his eyes could not see. For, above all, he trusted God. May we have the same type of faith.

Gospel Lesson

Jesus tells everyone that is thirsty, come and drink. If you are thirsty today, if you are lacking today, if you are needful today, if you have that whole in your heart day; come drink. Come drink the life-giving water of Jesus. Drink in life. Drink in rest. Drink in new life.

May all who are needful find what they need in Jesus.

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