Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Lent: Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Old Testament Lesson

We see in this passage that there was a time when the Lord was just ready to start over. The people would never act right. They would never behave. They would never do the things that the Lord had commanded them. And the Lord had had enough. He was ready to start over with Moses.

But, Moses would not give up on the people. Moses went to the Lord and prayed for the people. Moses would give up on them.

Who was that person for you? Who is that person, that end in the darkest hour, even at your lowest ebb would not give up on you?

And, today, who do we not need to give up on? Who do we need to give a second chance?

New Testament Lesson

The most dangerous thing about sin is that it hardens our heart. It makes our hearts hard, and make it easier for us to turn from God. One thing leads to the next leads to the next leads to next. And, before we know it, our hearts are hard.

Not to equate church attendance and sin, but think about this way. ,You miss one Sunday, and guess what? It's easier to miss the second, and the third, and the fourth. And then you look up, 6 months later, and you haven't been to worship.

Sin is much the same. It slowly, over time, hardens our hearts to the point we don't know who we are. That is why God hates sin. Because of what it does to His children.

Gospel Lesson

God sends salvation. God loves you enough that He will do whatever He has to do to bring you home. He will do whatever He has to to make things right. He will go to any length to show His love to you.

Today, you are loved! Live like it!

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