Friday, August 18, 2006

Ordinary Time: Friday, August 18, 2006

Old Testament Lesson

Judges 14:20-15:20

We see that the Lord used Sampson as a judge over His people. We also see that Sampson was not the world's nicest fellow. The one thing that is pounded into our head over and over again in the Old Testament is that God's promises are not dependant upon His people, rather they are dependant upon His word. And God never breaks His word.

He will remain true to His word and true to His promises. His faithfulness to us in not because we are worthy, but because He is God. God does not only use the perfect. If that were so, He would use no one, for none of us are perfect. God uses you and me, and can do great things through us, if we will allow. Sampson was not perfect, he was impulsive, and he was angry at times. But, the Lord has a plan for Him. If the story of Sampson doesn't convince you of anything, it should convince you of this, God can use any of us to do great things for His kingdom, even those of us that are not perfect. And, that would be us all, for none of us are perfect.

New Testament Lesson

Acts 7:17-29

We see Stephen continue his great sermon where he shows how God was working His plan which was ultimately fulfilled in Jesus Christ. God was always at work, getting things as they should be for the birth, life, death, and resurrection of Jesus Christ. At just the right moment He was born. God has a time and a plan for everything. And, quite often, we don't understand the timing and plan. But, we do know that God is at work.

Today, He is at work at something great in your life. The details might now be known now; but they will be. Trust in Him; follow Him, and He will direct you to where you need to be.

Gospel Lesson

John 4:43-54

All throughout John, Jesus is doing many signs. Some believe, but many don't. Those that see these signs often then want to see more and more, saying they will believe. Signs from God many times require faith first. When you have faith, you see signs all around. When you have no faith, it is very hard to see signs. Today, there are signs of God's grace, love and mercy all around. The question is are you looking through the eyes of faith. That is what is often takes to see His signs.

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