Thursday, August 31, 2006

Ordinary Time: Thusday, August 31, 2006

Old Testament Lesson

Job 8:1-7, 11-19

We see Bildad respond to Job's words by saying that the only reason things like this happen is because of sin, and Job need to repent. But, Job says he has done nothing that should cause him to have to repent, which is true. If you remember the beginning of the book, Job is not suffering because of his actions, but because God has allowed the devil to test him.

If Job teaches us anything it is that sometimes bad things happen to good people for reasons not of their own causing. Sometimes, we bring misfortune upon ourselves. But, sometimes, it is the cause of the devil, or it because we living a in sinful world. It is those times when tragedy comes for no known reason we need God the most, for when the world brings pain and tears, only God can bring the comfort we need. When the world knocks the breath out of you, allow God to breathe life back into you.

New Testament Lesson

Acts 10:17-33

We see that God was calling both Peter and Cornelius to this; those that God has made clean, let no one say is unclean. Without the vision that Peter received, without the working of Paul in Gentile churches, those of us that are Gentile would not be Christian. This was a large hurdle for Peter to jump, but through God's grace he did. Those that God has made clean, let none of us say are unclean.

Gospel Lesson

John 7:14-36

We see that Jesus would teach and the people would say, what does he mean by this. . . They never understood, for only by the Holy Spirit opening our eyes, can we see. You can read all the Bible, you can go to church every Sunday, you can know all depths of knowledge. But, until the Holy Spirit opens you eyes, you won't be able to hear God's voice. Now, God is speaking, but without His spirit and His grace, we won't hear.

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