Friday, August 25, 2006

Ordinary Time: Friday, August 25, 2006

Old Testament Lesson

Job 2:1-13

Job's story is one that in many ways we can relate to, since we have all hurt and been through trials in our lives. But, Job's story is also one that is extreme, for while we may have hurt, very few of us have been through as much as Job has. The thing that stick with me in this passage is the presence of Job's friends.

Now, we will read that his friends aren't always the best support. Sometimes, they say things that are not correct and give bad advice. But, notice how they first came to Job. They wept with him. They sat in the ashes with him. The were silent with him.

Sometimes, when we have friends or family that are going through terrible times, we are a loss for what to say. In reality, it is not what we say. It is simply being there. It is about being present with them; letting them know you love them and you care.

Today, do you have someone you love that is hurting? That is suffering? It is not about the words you say to them. You don't have to find the perfect ones. Just show them you love them. That speaks louder than anything you could say.

New Testament Lesson

Acts 9:1-9

Sometimes, the Lord has to do some drastic things to get our attention. Paul was on the way to Damascus to destroy Christians. The Lord had to knock him down to get his attention. But, He didn't just knock Paul down for punishment, but because He had a plan for Paul.

Just think, if the Lord can use Paul, one that persecuted the church, one that saw Christians killed, can't he used us as well? God has something for you today. No matter how far you think you may have gone, you can come back home. Not matter how long it may have been, you can come back home. Read about what Paul did before he was saved. He was not a great fellow. But, God used him anyway. He can use us as well. The question is will we let Him?

Gospel Lesson

John 6:27-40

We see the work of God is to believe in Jesus Christ. We have much we need to do far God. I believe with all that I am that we are not saved to sit on the sidelines, we are saved to something for God. That being said, we must be saved first. It all starts with belief. While faith without words is dead, we must have faith to have any works at all. Today, you must first believe in Jesus Christ as Lord, you must believe that he was raised and ascended and will return, and most of all, you must have accepted him as savior and Lord.

That is where it starts. All the other things we are supposed to do are important. But, if first starts with belief. Today, do you believe?

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