Wednesday, August 2, 2006

Ordinary Time: Wednesday, August 2, 2006

Gospel Lesson

Matthew 27:45-54

Jesus Christ died so that we could be forgiven. Let's not brush past this point. This is a not a fairy tale, this is not something that we preachers make up to make you feel bad. The Son of God, the one that loves us more than we could ever know, the one that shows us what God's love is like died an agonizing, terrible death.

For you and for me. So we could be forgiven. So that our sins could be washed away.

He suffered and died. For you and for me. He endured all of this for you and for me.

And yet, we don't want to come to church because its early. He was nailed to a cross for us, we won't wake up an hour earlier.

He was abused for us.

And yet, we don't want to witness to that person at work, because what will they think?

He did so much for us and for our eternity.

Why do we do so little for Him?

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