Tuesday, August 8, 2006

Ordinary Time: Tuesday, August 8, 2006

Old Testament Lesson

Judges 7:1-18

Who ever thought, wow, we have too many people to get the job done? That's what God is saying today. He knows that if the army is that big, the Israelites will think they won the battle not because of the Lord, but because of their own might.

A couple of things here. First do we focus too much on numbers? Lets say you teach Sunday School and only have 3 show up one day. That's discouraging. Believe me, as a preacher, I understand. But, the thing we do is that we look at the numbers and think about who isn't there instead of focusing on who is. Jesus said where two or three are gather in my name, there I'll be. Today, God would rather have a a faithful few than a multitude that really didn't care. We should think the same way.

Second, who gets the glory for victories? Are we quick to claim credit for victory but pass off blame for success. Someone once said "success has a thousand fathers but failure is an orphan." If anything, God should get the credit for our success and we should take the blame for our failures. Today, God wanted all to know the victory was because of Him. In our lives, does He get the credit He deserves for the victories?

New Testament Lesson

Acts 3:1-11

Sometimes we focus on what we can't do. Peter and John could have told this man, we have nothing to give and walked away. Instead, they gave from what they had, which was a knowledge of Jesus Christ. We always have something to share. Maybe a kind word, maybe a hug, maybe a prayer, maybe an invitation, maybe just a quick smile.

The Lord had blessed us which much. Maybe not all the money in the world, but He has given us something that we can share with others. Because, if nothing else, we have a knowledge of the saving power of Jesus Christ. Have you shared that recently? Have you shared your faith within anyone recently? Have you given witness to your faith? We have this faith for many reasons, but one of those reasons is to share. Are we sharing it?

Gospel Lesson

John 1:19-28

John's job was to point to Jesus and make things ready for His coming. Is that not our job as well? Are we not to point to Jesus with all that we do and all that we are? And are we not to live in such a way that if He were to return today we could hold our head up high?

John pointed to Jesus with his life and lived in the reality of His soon coming. Do we do the same?

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