Wednesday, August 9, 2006

Ordinary Time: Wednesday, August 9, 2006

Old Testament Lesson

Judges 7:19-8:12

When we first met Gideon in the Scripture, he was scared. He was hiding. He was not looking to stand up for God. Now, we see him, and his confidence has grown, his service has grown, his trust in God has grown. Now, he is not afraid to fight, but he is confident the Lord will deliver the victory for him.

When we first do something for God, it can be terrifying. The first time you witness. The first time you pray in public. The fist time you preach. The first time you sing. The fist time you teach. The first time you give you testimony. Many of us know the fear and butterflies you get at that time.

But, when we serve the Lord, He increases our confidence. Because, we find we are not depending on our own strength, but on His strength. Today, take a step out for God. Do that thing He has called you to, but you have been afraid to do. That thing, and know that He will give you the strength and then He will give you the confidence to be faithful in what He has called you to.

New Testament Lesson

Acts 3:12-26

Peter was like Gideon. Something great had happened, but he knew it was through God's power it had happened. When God does something through us, the temptation is for us to take the credit; for us to say, yes, it was because of me this happened!

Peter says, he was healed not by us, but by God. And then, he used that as a chance to preach the Gospel. He used this occasion as a means to give witness to the salvation of Jesus Christ.

Each day, we will have chances to give witness to our faith. Do we take advantage of them? Or do we walk by on the other side? Peter preached boldly. What will wee do?

Gospel Lesson

John 1:29-42

And finally, we see once again that it is not about us. Today, two of John's disciples leave him to follow Jesus. Does he get mad? Does he storm off to Jesus and say, hey, they are mine! No, he knows there is a greater purpose than just his life and just his ministry. He is part of a greater whole. His purpose in life was to be faithful and point the way to Jesus.

That is is our purpose as well. Today, does your life point to Jesus? Today, are you faithful to Him in all that you are: you time, you talents, you gifts, and your service? Today, do you point to Jesus?

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