Friday, October 13, 2006

The Dark Night

Today's Gospel Lesson is from Luke 8:1-15, and that got me to thinking about the frustration that some folks may have felt when Jesus spoke in parables. Today, He quotes from Isiah, saying that He did this so that some might not understand. That doesn't jive with what we expect Jesus to say and do.

Sometimes with God, it really isn't easy to understand. Sometimes, we are confused. Sometimes we don't know what to do or go. Sometimes it feel like God is not listening, like our prayers are bouncing off the floor of heaven. St. John of the Cross called this the dark night of the soul. Sometimes, we feel like we are all alone in the midst of the night. And all we can have to hold onto is our faith.

It is at that point that we need our faith, for that is what the dark night teaches us; our faith is all that we have to hold onto. In the end, all else falls, breaks, or is destroyed. But, our faith, our faith is eternal. Our faith is everlasting, and our faith will grow only in that darkness.

Today, Jesus tells the disciples that He speaks in parables so that all will not understand. That seems different than what we expect Jesus to say and do. We don't expect Him to speak like that. But, he knows that the road of faith will be hard, and only those that are willing and determined to walk that hard road will find the life that is at the end. To those that overcome, goeth the crown.

Today, don't give up! Maybe the Lord is speaking to you in parables. Maybe you are in that dark nigh of the soul. Maybe your road of faith is hard and rocky. Maye you don't understand. Maybe you are at a loss. If so, hold on. Hold onto you faith, for it will see you through. Hold on through the dark night, for the sun will rise in the morning.

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  1. I have read the book the dark night of the soul. I have myself been through many dark nights of my soul. And it was my faith and being supported by others faith that and God's presence even though silent that I made it through them.