Friday, October 20, 2006

Ordinary Time: Friday, October 20, 2006

Just a Gospel reading today. My wife is clsoe to going into labor. Bags are packed and we are just waiting. Please keep Holly and the baby (Thomas) in your prayers, as well as me and our daughter Sarah.

Gospel Lesson

Luke 9:28-36

We see in this scene who Jesus really is. One of the great things about our Lord is that He desires to know us in a deeply personal way. He longs to have each of us walk with him in a deeply individual and personal way.

But, He is also Lord of the universe. He is the creator all that is, both seen and unseen. He is the supreme force in all the world. Don't forget that. Don't forget who you pray to. Don't forget who you serve. Don't forget who you worship. Don't forget who He is. He is Jesus Christ, Lord. Head of the church, head of our lives, head of the world.

Today, do not forget who you pray to and who you serve.

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