Wednesday, October 4, 2006

Ordinary Time: Wednesday, October 4, 2006

Old Testament Lesson

Hosea 4:11-19

We see here God condemning Israel for its idolatry, and notice how the Lord frames it for them. He compares their idolatry to adultery in marriage. Just like in marriage you make vows to each other, you make promises to each other, so in our walk with God, we make vows and we make covenant.

And just as it is adultery when one breaks those vows to their spouse, so it is it "adultery" when we break that relationship with God. He wants to be inmate with us; He wants to walk with us daily. But, we turn away. We seek wisdom from other places. We seek joy from other places. We seek pleasure from other places. And, we always wind up empty. Only in God, will we find these things. Today, don't search for meaning in the arms of sin; find in the loving arms of your savior.

New Testament Lesson

Acts 21:15-26

We see Paul going into the temple today, not because he had to, but for the unity of the church. Sometimes in our lives, we need to do things we don't really want to do. Not for ourselves, but for others. Paul knew he was saved by Jesus Christ; there was no reason for anything else. But, for the sake of others, he went to the temple. Why? He did not want to be a stumbling block for others.

Today, you can have your way. You can do it the way you want. But, if you are stumbling block, is it worth it? And, if we believe the Bible, then if we are stumbling block to others, God will hold us accountable.

Gospel Lesson

Luke 5:27-39

It is the sick that need a doctor. We are all in need of Jesus' healing. We are all in need of Jesus' mercy. While only the sick need Jesus, we are all sick. Today, do you think you are more righteous than you really are? It is better to understand how sinful you are and find mercy in the arms of Jesus than it is to think you are righteous and in the end find out that you are not.

Only the sick need a doctor. Today, friends, we are all in need of a doctor.

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