Monday, October 16, 2006

Ordinary Time: Monday, October 16, 2006

Old Testament Lesson

Micah 7:1-7

We see a couple things of interest here. First, we see in this passage that all the people have turned from God. You may remember form last week that Micah is hardest upon the leaders (political folks, religious leaders). Now, we see why. The people have turned, and now no one is righteous. Now, the people must take responsibility for their actions, but their actions have been partly formed by the terrible leadership from the leaders. Today, if you are a leader (and, you are), your actions affect more than yourself. They affect your children and grandchildren, you entire family, they affect all that look to you in any way. Yesterday, by your church attendance or absence, what did that say to those that look to you? Your actions matter.

And, we see at the end of this passage Micah saying that everyone is rotten. But, he will serve the Lord. Today, it doesn't matter what everyone else does. What will you do? Today, you can be faithful, in spite of everyone else. Today, you can serve God, in spite of others. Today, regardless of how bad you may feel like the world has become, you can be faithful.

New Testament Lesson

Acts 26:1-23

We see here in this passage the beginning of God's plan for Paul to testify for Him in many grand places. In Paul, God had a willing servant. And, because Paul was willing to testify, God used Him. Today, it is not always about how great we are; how well spoken we are; how smart we are. It is about how willing we are. Today, are you willing to be used by God. If so, God will use you.

Gospel Lesson

Luke 8:26-39

This passage is one of the more amazing in all scripture. Not because of Jesus casting out the demons, but rather for the response of the people in this town. They ask Jesus to leave. How strange is that. They ask Jesus to leave. Normally folks asked Jesus to come, or to stay. They ask Him to leave? Why? They are seized with fear. Jesus comes, and He brings change, He brings new life, but He asks us to be changed and transformed And, some folks, instead of changing for new life, would rather remain the same and die.

Today, do you ask Jesus to stay? Or, do you ask Him to leave? They were afraid of this new life, so they asked Him to leave, and they remained dead. Today, do you want life? Today, do you ask Him to stay, or do you ask Him to leave?

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