Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Ordinary Time: October 24, 2006

Please remember my wife Holly. Still no baby! We have a doctor's appointment in Meridian today and hopefully will know more then.

Old Testament Lesson

Song of Songs 8:5-14

I have read that certain groups of Orthodox Jews would not allow their children to read Song of Songs until they were a certain age because they felt like it was too "mature' for them to read and understand. And, there are times when I think that might not be a such a bad idea! But, in reality, this book paints for us an image of what the love should be like between husband and wife. The love that we should feel for each other should be that great and overwhelming.

But, the reason why it is not for so many is because they go into marriage the wrong way. Instead of thinking, what can I for my spouse, how can I help and love my spouse, they think, what can I get out of it. Marriage, and every relationship in life, is most fulfilling when we aer seeking to serve. When you are seeking the best interest of your spouse, you will find your own needs met. There is no I enjoy in life more than seeing my wife happy, and she feels the same way towards me. And, in that, we find that joy.

Today, are you at peace in your life with relationships? If not, look and see if you are more concerned with getting what you want out of it, or if you are more concerned with serving the other person. Until you learn to serve, you will never find that peace and joy God longs for you to have.

New Testament Lesson

Revelation 8:1-13

One thing we see in Revelation is that as God's judgement comes against those who have stood against Him and against His church is that there are moments they are given to repent. Within this passage, we see two such moments. At the beginning, when there is that great silence in heaven, and again as the eagle soars and gives warning. God longs to see people repent and turn to Him.

Today, He longs to see us return. He longs to see us turn back to Him. Leave behind the sinful ways of the past, and come home to Him. Not matter what has been done in the past, we can come home. We can return to the Father. Today, if you are far away, won't you come home?

Gospel Lesson

Luke 10:17-24

They came back to Jesus rejoicing at what they had done, and He said, be happy most of all that your name is in the book of life. Today, take the most joy out of that. Be happy over victories, be happy over abilities, be happy over gifts. But, be most thankful that your name is in the book of life, for that is the greatest thing that we can all attain. Be most thankful that you are God's child.

That is the greatest blessing, greatest gift, greatest name, greatest anything we have in life. Not what we accomplish but whose child we are. Today, if you know and follow Him, you are His. Rejoice over that!

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