Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Ordinary Time: Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Old Testament Lesson

Micah 3:1-13

We see that judgement comes harshest against the leaders; against the political leaders ad the religious leaders, for they have lead the people astray. One of the most dangerous things in life is to know truth, but not obey truth, to know truth, but not teach truth. Those of us that know truth must, must, must, must live it out. It does no go to go do church every Sunday, to know every verse in the Bible, to know all these things, if you don't live it.

And the Word tells us that judgement will be worse for those that know, and do not obey. Today, do you know truth? Do you know how God wants you to live? Do you live like it?

New Testament Lesson

Acts 23:23-35

We see Paul's journey continue towards Rome. We know from reading his letter to the Romans, Paul was anxious to go to Rome and preach. It must have seemed like it was taking forever for this to happen, and Paul may have been growing impatient. But, he kept that patience, kept waiting. Sometimes, the things we want, and the things that God wants for us take time. Sometimes, the hardest answer to prayer is not yet, not no, but wait.

Today, is the Lord teaching you to wait? Are you having to learn the hard lesson on patience? If so, if is for you benefit. It may not be fun, but it is needful. Today, wait upon the Lord, trust in His name. Know that He is at work in all things.

Gospel Lesson

Luke 7:18-35

We see John's disciples coming, saying, are you the one? And how does Jesus respond? Look around, do you see good being done? Do you see the sick being healing, the truth being taught, the poor being helped. Look around, it is obvious, He is the Messiah.

If someone comes to you today and says, are you a Christian, could you be like Jesus and say, look around. Look around my life. Look at my language. Look at my actions. Look at my prayer life. Look at my life, and you will see I am a Christian. Today, I pray that is something that we can all say.

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