Monday, August 13, 2007

Ordinary Time: Monday, August 13, 2007

Old Testament Lesson

2 Samuel 13:23-39

We see here in this passage David's family begin to unravel. This beginning of this actually happened a few passages back when Amnon had violated Tamar and Absalom had swore revenge. Now, he has his revenge, and David's family is falling apart before his eyes. This passage doesn't discuss it, but when this terrible thing happened a few passages ago, David did nothing. He just swept it under the rug. Perhaps if he had addressed it then, this could have been avoided. d

We cannot pretend sin doesn't happen. We cannot pretend that we have not sinned. We cannot pretend that sin has not affected our walk with God and others. We must do what we can to make things right. To ask forgiveness. To seek restoration. To try to heal wounds. But, we cannot pretend that sin has not happened. If we do, the consequences will be worse than we can imagine.

New Testament Lesson

Acts 20:17-38

Here we see Paul share with someone of his people these passing words. He knows this will be the last time he is with them, and he wants to leave them with something important. He wants his last words to matter; to be of value; to take deep root in their heart.

What would you tell your children if you had to leave them? Your students? Your parents? Your church? What is most important to you? Have you passed it along to those in your life? Paul shared with his people the love of God and wanted them to desperately remember that. What would you want others to remember?

Gospel Lesson

Mark 9:42-50

We see here Jesus tell us that it would be better for us to throw ourselves in the lake than it would be to cause one of the little ones to sin. Little ones being children, or those new to the faith. But, remember, there are always eyes watching us. Eyes of children. Eyes of new converts. Looking to see how we live. Looking to see how a Christian lives.

They watch us at work. They watch us at ballgames. They watch us at Wal Mart. They even watch us a church meetings. What do they see? Let us always remember that they are watching. May we live lives that show them grace.

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