Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Ordinary Time: Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Old Testament Lesson

2 Samuel 18:18-33

We see in this passage the grief of a father. Even though Absalom had tried to take the throne from David, even though he had forced David to flee from Jerusalem, even though he had done all sorts of hateful stuff, David still was devastated over the death of his son. Even though he now no longer had to fight for his kingdom, it was of little worth to him at that moment; for his son was dead.

That is the great love of a father for son. That is what a parent's love is all about. Even when the child is wrong, the parent still loves. If earthly parents feel that way about their children, how much more does our Father in heaven feel that way towards us? Even though we are often wrong, even through we rebel against Him; still He loves us. And just like all David really wanted was for Absalom to return home; God wants us to come to Him and rest in Him. That is the love of a Father.

New Testament Lesson

Acts 23:23-35

One of the things that is happening to Paul in this time, is he is given many different opportunities to give his testimony of conversion. He could look at each move or trial as an inconvenience or a problem; but instead he sees them as another chance to tell people what God has done for him.

What a great attitude. Do we look at life like that? Do we see the multiple opportunities each day to tells someone what God has done for us? We can tell with our words, we can tell with our smiles, we can tell with our joy, we can tell with all that are. Each moment of life, we have the chance to tell someone how good God is.

Gospel Lesson

Mark 12:13-27

Today, the questions asked of Jesus we not really questions, they were tests. People were trying to trip Him. They didn't really want to know what Jesus thought about these things, they were just asking, hoping He would say something wrong where they could then put Him on trial. What a shame. They had Jesus there in their midst, and they didn't realize it. They didn't take the opportunity to go to Him for wisdom or for worship. They missed this great chance to be with Jesus.

Do we do the same? Do we miss chances each day to spend time with Him? Let us always been looking and listening, finding time, finding ways, finding opportunities to spend with our Lord. Let us never pass up a chance, no matter how brief, to spend with Jesus.

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