Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Ordinary Time: Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Old Testament Lesson

2 Samuel 14:21-33

We see in this text today that Absalom is a little on the impulsive side. I guess one way to get someone to come see you when they don't want to is to set their field on fire. I personally would not recommend that way, though. One things we can see, though, is that he is one that will get his way, no matter what. We will see in the coming days that will be his destruction.

Be careful that your desires do not consume you. It happened to Absalom, and it will become his destruction. May we be on guard against all things, sin, greed, pride, etc, that in the end will destroy us.

New Testament Lesson

Acts 21:15-26

We see Paul go through these acts of purification, even though he didn't have to. He knew it would be a sign of good faith to the others if he would. We see Paul, in some way, humble himself for the good of everyone else. Humility is a great virtue. It is a very noble thing to do something that you normally would not, for the sake of the greater good.

And, I imagine many of us do not think of Paul as one that would do such a thing. He is seen a bold, and strong, as someone that is not will to compromise any time. But, in this instance, he knew it was in every one's best interest to do this. Especially because it was in the best interest of spreading the good news. So, even though he didn't have to, Paul went through these acts. May we be will do so such things ourselves for the greater good.

Gospel Lesson

Mark 10:17-31

This passage of the rich young ruler is one that we have read a million times and all know so well. So, I just want to point out one thing today. Notice, Jesus didn't chase after him. He choose to walk away, and Jesus let him. Jesus offered him true life, life more precious any materially possession, and he said no. So, Jesus let him make his choice.

When we say we have the freedom to choose, we have the freedom to choose. Even the freedom to say no. Jesus will not force us to do any ting. He wants children, not robots. Today, He gives us a choice. May we, through His grace, choose His way, and in that, may we find life.

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