Thursday, August 30, 2007

Ordinary Time: Thursday, August 30, 2007

Old Testament Lesson

1 Kings 3:16-28

We see the wisdom of Solomon in this text. He was able to look beyond what was said to the truth of the matter and discern the truth. For a king, or for any leader, that would be the greatest gift they could have; to see the truth. To understand what is at the heart. To look beyond the surface. To see as God would have us to see.

That is ultimately what wisdom is. Seeing as God sees, seeing through His eyes. Solomon had wisdom only after asking for it from God. James tells us in his book in the New Testament that if any of us lack wisdom, ask God and He will give it. To discern, to know the truth, the see things as they are, these gifts come only through God, and only through His grace.

New Testament Lesson

Acts 27:27-44

One of the things that was required for the people to survive in this passage was faith. Some had faith in God. Others had faith in Paul. Now, we all know that our ultimate faith must be placed in God. We are not saved by the preach or by the church or by our parents, salvation comes from our God. But in life, aren't there people that we look up to, that we have faith in, that, even if we might not like what they want us to do, we do it, because we truth them?

That was what Paul was to this ship. Not everyone on the ship was Christan, but they all trusted Paul. Why? Because his faith and his trust in God shown through. We should never pretend like we are more than we really are, and we should always remember that salvation comes from our God. But, we should seek to live a life of grace and faith, not setting ourselves on a pedestal, but living in a way so other will say, I don't know about this, but I know you, and I trust you.

That is a life well lived, when others trust you.

Gospel Lesson

Mark 14:12-26

We see one of the last things Jesus did with His disciples was that He gave them the gift of the Lord's Supper. He wanted to leave something with them that would last, that would give them strength; that would help them on their journey. He gave them His body and His blood. Just as He offers it to us.

May we remember the sacrifices that our Lord gave to us and for us and may we have a thankful heart for all He has done.

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