Thursday, November 1, 2007

All Saints Day: Thursday, November 1, 2007

Today is All Saint's Day. It is the day where we stop and take a moment to remember those that have gone before. Those that have shaped and influenced our lives, but yet are no longer with us here on the earth. They have joined that great company of heaven. They have gained that eternal reward. They are now fully alive in Christ, as we each hope to one day be.

So, today, on this day, our reflection will not be upon a Biblical passage but on the life of someone you love. Particularly someone you love that has passed into true life.

Today, think about that person that shaped your faith. Maybe it was a grandmother, a parent, a teacher, a friend. Think about what they have taught you about love, above mercy, about hope, about peace.

How do we emulate that in our lives? How do the lessons that we have been taught show forth in the way that we live? Do we allow Jesus to shine through in our lives as they have done in their lives? Are we living in such a way where someone, someday will stop on this Holy Day and reflect about us?

OK maybe one passage from the Bible. Hebrews 12 tell us that we are surrounded by a mighty cloud of witnesses. So, let us keep pushing and working and trying. Let us keep up the struggle and keep up the fight for a holy life. Let us keep doing that which the Lord has called us to do.

Today, let us remember those that have gone before. And, let us live in such a way where honor what they have taught us and live in the truth and love their savior, and our savior, Jesus Christ.

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