Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Ordinary Time: Tuesday, November 7, 2007

Old Testament Lesson

Nehemiah 13:4-22

We see Nehemiah begin the reforms in the land. Sometimes we can wander off from where we used to be or where we should be, look up and say to ourselves, how did we wind up here? At that point, we have two choices. We can continue on the road we are own, the road that leads us further from where we want to be. Or we can turn around and go back home.

Today, the people have returned to the promised land, but they also return to some of the same mistakes. Nehemiah says, no, we are not going to do it this way this time. And, they begin the process of doing things as they ought be done, and living in the way they ought to live.

They had the chance to come home and do things at they ought to be done. So do we, every day of our lives. Each day is a day that no matter where we are, we can turn around and start towards where we want to be.

New Testament Lesson

Revelation 12:1-12

We see here in the battle between good and evil, between Satan and Michael, this war that even wages within our soul. This war of doing what is right and good, or doing what we want to do, regardless of the consequences. But, as we see in this passage of scripture, in the end, it is good that will win out. It is good that will ultimately defeat the powers of wrong and evil, and we just have to hold on, and do what is right. If we do what is right, God will take care of the rest. Today, live in the grace of God, and do that which He has called you to do. And know that He will take care of all the rest for your good and His glory.

Gospel Lesson

Matthew 13:53-58

This is passage that shows why no preacher wants to serve their home church. The folks remember you from when you were young and got in trouble and had to be taken out. Why would we want to listen to you. What could you possible have to say to us? Today, may we be careful not to discount what someone had to say to us. Let us not be hasty and deciding who God will or won't speak through.

God will speak through whoever He wants to. May we have ears to listen. Today, the people didn't hear just words because they thought that they knew Him; what could He have to say to them. Today, may we have our ears open that we can listen to God through whomever He wants to speak to. My we listen, for God may speak in ways we don't expect.

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