Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Ordinary Time: Wendesday, November 14, 2007

Old Testament Lesson

Nehemiah 7:73b-8:3, 5-18

In this passage the Law is read, and the people are taught it. They are taught what the Law is, what it means, and what they are to do. But, aren't these the people of the Law? Wasn't the Law given to Moses? Didn't they used to have the Temple and all the things that go with the Law?

Yes, but they had forgotten. They had forgotten about the Law, and forgotten how to follow the Law. Sometimes, you have to be reminded of what you know is true.

Today, the same is true for us. We have to reminded sometimes. Reminded of what God wants us to do, but reminded of who we are. We are His, the Sheep of His pasture. Sometimes, life can make us forget who we are, and whose we are. Today, remember. Remember that you are called by His name and you are His. Remember.

New Testament Lesson

Revelation 18:21-24

We see here that even Babylon the great is fallen. The Bible tell us in Proverbs that it is the pride that goes before the fall. Sometimes we can get so sure of things and too confident in our own strength that if we are not careful, the fall awaits us. Babylon was great and powerful, but no thing and no one is greater or more powerful than our God.

Gospel Lesson

Matthew 15:29-39

Here in this moment, it did not look like the people had enough to eat. Yet, through the grace of Jesus, and the power of God, provision was made in ways that no one thought possible. The Lord looked upon the people, had compassion and love for them, and He fed them. He gave them what they needed for that moment.

So in our lives. Instead of bread from heaven, He give us grace for the moment. And just as the was enough food to meet the needs of each that was gathered, so is thereenough grace to meet each of our needs.

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