Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Ordinary Time: Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Today, just a quick thought. I had have a little car work this morning, so I'm running late. But, while I was waiting, I was doing some reading. This book I was reading is entitled Rejoicing in Hope and it is one of the Advent Bible Studies that many folks will be doing. I was reading in these first chapter about Hope and how it sometimes requires waiting. And the hardest thing to deal with with waiting is losing hope. Sometimes we feel like our prayers may not be answered. Sometimes we feel like we are hoping in vain. Sometimes it feels like there is no reason to even hope.

And at time the most dangerous thing that we can do is to be tempted to give up hope. We can think that things will never change, that there is no reason to hope and that there we should just give up on waiting for things to improve.

It is in that place that Advent comes to us, telling, do not give up! The Christ Child is coming! Your hope is not in vain. The Lord hears. The Lord will answer. You have a hope, even now!

So, today, in whatever you are doing, do not give up hope! The Lord hears, understands, and will answer. Today, and always, keep on hoping!

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