Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Ordinary Time: Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Today, I'm going to skip ahead and use the Gospel Lesson for tomorrow, Thanksgiving Day. Next week blogging will return to its normal schedule and normal length. Have a great Thanksgiving Day!

Matthew 18: 1-9

Jesus tells us to be childlike. Over the next few days and weeks, do me a favor. Watch the children. Watch the children tomorrow as dinner is laid out and folks enjoy this time. Watch them as they sit in the laps our their grandparents. Watch them as they play with their siblings and with their cousins.

Watch them as they anticipate Christmas. Watch them as they see St. Nick for the first time at the mall. Watch their eyes light up with wonder and with joy.

And see how we as adults are so quick to complain. So quick to become cynical. So quick to lose our joy. So quick to forget how magical this season is.

Watch the children. Maybe that is what the Lord was talking about when He told us to be like them. In this week, may we watch, and may we have the same sense of joy.

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