Monday, November 26, 2007

The Eye of the Storm

One of the fascinating things about a hurricane is the eye. It is in the middle of the storm, almost ride dab in the center of a hurricane. The winds are raging all round the eye. The waves are crashing. The power and chaos of the storm whirls completely around the eye.

Yet, the eye is calm. Even in the worst storms, the eye is relatively safe. On the Coast, when the eye of a storm pass over, folks can actually walk outside, take a look around, and see the damage that has been done. It can be a chance in a storm to take note of how things are.

But, the eye doesn’t last long. Before you know it, the wind is wiping, the rain is falling, and the storm is back. The winds shift directions after the eye passes, but the result is often the same. The storm is back with its full force.

I hope this past Thanksgiving was an eye for you. I know many of you had a lot of work to do, lots of cooking, cleaning, and other things that were essential to do. But, I hope that even in that, if just for a moment, you were able to find a time to let the winds pass around, to let the work and worry slide away, and, if just for that one moment, rest in the joy of family and thankfulness.

I hope you had your eye. For, the busyness of the season is upon us. There is much work to be done. There is shopping and cleaning and cooking and church and family and this and that. And instead being full of the Holiday Spirit, we are just tired.

So, we need to find our eye in the storm whenever we can. Maybe it’s a cup of coffee with your children. Maybe it’s the look of joy on a child’s face when they see what St. Nick has left for them. Maybe it’s hairs on the back of necks being raised when we hear “O Holy Night.”

In this season, find time for your eye. For, if you don’t the storm of busyness will wash us away. Make time for your eye. Even in the strongest storm, there is an eye. Even in the busiest season, there is a time for rest. For, if we don’t, the storm will blow us over. Take time to enjoy the season. Take time to find your eye.

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