Monday, September 8, 2008

Ordinary Time: Monday, September 8, 2008

Old Testament Lesson

We see in this passage another of Job's friends speak to him.  That is one of the constants throughout the story of Job; the conversation of his friends.  Now, they didn't  always say the right thing; they didn't always do the right thing, sometimes they may have been better to just sit with Job and say nothing. 

But, when all else in his life had abandoned him, had forsaken him, his friends remained.  What a powerful witness of grace.  That's what it means to be friend. To be there, in the ashes, with someone that you love.  That is what we need in friends, and that is what we call to be to others as friends. 

May we stay true and hold fast to those that are our friends, and may our presences in their life be a sign to them of God's great love.  

New Testament Lesson

One of the constants we see in the book of Acts is that the Apostles were always filled with joy.  When you read what happened to them, they had no reason to be joyful.  Yes, God was doing awesome things through them, but they were regularly beaten, run out of town, arrested, and persecuted.  But, yet, they were joyful. 

Joy comes not from the circumstance of our lives; it comes from God's grace in us. We can be joyful in the most desperate situation, because God is with us and loves us. God's grace never leaves us.  That can provided joy.  Even when there is no earthly reason.  Happiness comes from circumstance, joy comes from God. 

May we be joyful people!  

Gospel Lesson

Jesus said today that His sheep hear His voice. But, to hear His voice, we must take time to listen. We must take time to quiet our souls.  To stop what we are doing.  To pause.  And to listen.  And, we will hear Him speak. But, we must listen.  Today, may we take the time to listen for His voice. And may we hear the call of His grace.  

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