Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Ordinary Time: Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Old Testament Lesson

In the prophets some of the harshest criticism given goes to the priests and the prophets for not leading the people in the right way.  Today, God basically says that His people do not know the way because they have not been taught it by their leaders.  That's a powerful concept to me.  It may just be because I'm a preacher and I know that I have a responsibilities to help others to know the truth about God's love and mercy.

But, it think its true for all of us.  No matter who we are or what we do, there are always eyes watching us.  Particularly little eyes that really look up to us. The question then becomes, how do we live in front of these little eyes. The way that we live will teach a lot about God.  May we live, love, and serve in a way that glorifies God and that shows His grace to all. 

New Testament Lesson

Paul knows that his preaching will in the end get him in a lot of trouble with the powerful.  He knows that those that have the power to arrest him will eventually do it. But, for him, that was not what mattered. What mattered was preaching God's love and mercy, and doing what God had called him to do. 

Paul had something to live for and something he was unafraid to die for.  He had a great purpose.  He didn't just slog from one day to the next, He knew what God had called him to be and to do.  And he lived out of that.  

May we find our purpose and calling and live with abundant passion, doing that, and being that, which God has called us to be.  And in that, we'll know what its like to live, and live for something.  

Gospel Lesson

A friend will do anything for another friend.  We see this in this passage, where these friends would do whatever it took to get this man to Jesus, for they knew only He had the power to heal. A friend loves, a friend cares, a friend will do whatever it takes to help their friend. 

Today, let us thank God for our friends. 

And let us do all in our power to be the type of friend that our friends need.  

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