Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Ordinary Time: Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Old Testament Lesson

Job feels the thing at this point that is the hardest thing to experience that anyone every experiences.  He feels like God just doesn't care.  He feels like God is not listening to him and just doesn't care about him.  And, its even harder for him to understand because he has not done anything wrong to cause this to happen.  It just happened. 

That's part of the lesson we can learn from Job. Job in the midst of his anguish and pain cries out.  That's ok. It's ok when we are hurt, when we are in pain, when we feel abandoned to cry out to God, or to have friends to turn to. The worst thing we can do with our pain is bottle it up.  That is why we need those that care for us.  

Today, may we thank God for those that care enough for us to listen to us in the midst of our pain.  

New Testament Lesson

I was preaching on this text one day and I made a joke that if the church, after a sermon, were to carry me outside, stone me, and leave me for dead, I'd think I'd come back and preach the next Sunday!  

But, that's exactly what Paul did.  After he was left for dead he was prayed over, and then came back.  Because he knew that in spite of their resistance, he had something that they needed.  He had the hope of the Gospel, the hope of salvation, the hope of joy.  And he knew it was his duty and joy to make sure they heard it. 

Today, may we be as motivated by sharing the Good NEws of God's grace as Paul was.  

Gospel Lesson

Here is Thomas, bless his heart.  We only know Thomas as doubting Thomas.  But here, he tells the others, let us go with Jesus, and if he must be killed, we will be too.  He was brave and he was bold. But, what do we remember him for?  His doubt.

Let us remember that God does not remember us by our mistakes, He remembers us by His grace and mercy upon us.  May we be the same.  May we not first remember the mistakes that others make, may we first remember how God works through them.  

Thomas was not just someone that doubted.  He was someone that was willing to go to the end of the world for Jesus. Let us remember that as well.  

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