Thursday, September 25, 2008

Ordinary Time: Thursday, September 25, 2008

Old Testament Lesson

We see that in Esther doing what was right, doing what required courage, doing what God had placed her there to do, she was able to help save her people.  God had placed her there for such a time as that.  

Just as He has placed you wherever it is that you are for a time such as this. Today, in this moment, do what He has called you to!  Be brave, be bold!  Know that God is with you at this moment and will not leave you in the moment of trial.  He will stand by your side, whatever challenge you face.  

New Testament Lesson

The word of God in these towns grew because of all that was happening.  When God did great things through people, others believed.  When we are like Esther and allow God to use us, others will believe because of that. Today, may we follow God, give His love and grace, and live for Him. And when we allow His grace to work through us, others will see the greatness of our God.  

Gospel Lesson

In Luke Jesus stand to read and He read to this passage of great hope.  And then He says that it has been fulfilled in their midst.  He is saying that God's grace was there, and that God was going to make things right. They were not alone, God was there, and they were not forgotten. 

Sometimes in life, it's easy to think that we are forgotten.  Today, Jesus says no.  You are not. God will bring about the time of His favor.  He will make things right.  He will right the wrong, care for the sick and hurting, be the protector of the needy.  God will make all things right. 

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