Thursday, September 4, 2008

Ordinary Time: Thursday, September 4, 2008

Old Testament Lesson

One of the things that we can learn from Job is that during the times of hurt and pain, it's all right for us to admit that we are hurt. It's all right to admit when we need help.  When we are broken.  When we are in need.  When we need help.  Job cried out in the midst of his pain. 

So can we. Being Christian doesn't mean that one is perfect, nor does being a Christian keep hurt from our door. It will come. When the pain and the hurt comes, through, let us remember that we can reach out, we can turn to God, we can cry out in our pain.  

And God will hear.  

New Testament Lesson

We see the church lay hands on Paul and Barnabas, and send them out. Go, out, do ministry. And we'll support you.  We'll pray for you. We'll be here for you.  It is so important in life for us to have those that support us.  It is so important in life for us to have those that we can lean upon in times of trial.  It's so important for us to have those that we can turn to when we weighted down. 

Remember, we're not in this alone. We have each other. And, what a great blessing that is!  

Gospel Lesson

Max Lucado once said that if Jesus can use spit and dirt to do His will, He can use us too!  I love this miracle.  He simply used spit and dirt, opened a man's eyes.  If He can use that, why do we think He can't use us?  He can use each of us at any time for His glory.  Today, may we remember that God will use us for something great!  And may we hold fast to that! 


  1. Love the comparison -- spit, dirt, us.

  2. thanks. it's one of my favorite illustrations, and so true. . .