Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Ordinary Time: Wednesday, September 3, 2008

First, sorry about the lack of blogging the past few days.  It's been a little hectic lately, but that's no excuse.  I hope you've missed the posts as much as I've missed doing them.

Secondly, normally the Bible links are in the NRSV, but the online Bible that I use is not working right now, so for today, the links will be in the TNIV.  

Old Testament Lesson

One of the fallacies that we all make is to think that this life right now is permanent.  As CS Lewis once said, "we are all eternal beings," we will all live on forever. But, not forever in this current state. We are born, we grow, we grow old, and we die. That is the process of life. 

We get so consumed with the problems of this moment; the stress of this moment; the challenge of this moment. Today, the hardest thing you face, the greatest challenge you face today, let me ask you a question about it. 

What will it matter 100 years from now? 

Today is not the only moment that matters. We were created for more than this moment. We will live on.  Are we living in that reality?  This moment, this life, it is only the beginning. 

Let us live with abundance and joy now, knowing that this moment is not the end.  It is merely the beginning. 

New Testament Lesson

Notice it says that Herod was in his robes. That shows the great power and wealth he had. But, he made a great mistake.  He had made the mistake in not realizing where it all came from.  The Bible tells us that every good gift come from above.  

All good things that we have, they came from God. Even the things that we have earned, God deserves praise.  For, He has given us health, work ethic, and strength.  

So, today, let us remember the words of that old hymn.  Let us count our blessings.  No matter where you are now, you have at least one thing to be thankful for. Let us be thankful for it.  Herod was not thankful for what he had.  He thought that was his and his alone.  

And while, I don't think we'll be eaten like worms like he was, we run an even greater risk.  We run the risk of a hard heart, if we lose our the ability to be thankful. Today, may we be among the most thankful of people.  

Gospel Lesson

Jesus says that before Abraham was "I Am."  That sets everyone off. They are ready to stone Him. Why?  Why did this make them so mad?  

Do you remember what God told Moses what His name was?  "I Am."  He said tell them that "I Am" sent you. Today, in this passage Jesus says to them, I Am.  I Am God, creator, savior.  He is all. 

Today, may He be our all.  May He be our hope, our joy and our life. For He is the through who we find abundant life. 

May we find our life in Him today, and always.  

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