Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Ordinary Time: June 25, 2008

Old Testament Lesson

We see Moses and Aaron stand between those that had done wrong and God.  Sometimes our job as a Christian is be a mediator. Sometimes God has called us to intercede on His behalf for those that are in trouble, that are hurt, that are needful. 

And sometimes, like Aaron today, we are called to stand in the midst of the need and intercede to God on their behalf.  Maybe we'll never be in a situation as extreme at this in the text today (let's hope not), but we can do the exactly same thing in our life every day.  We can intercede for those in need.  We can pray for them. We can pray for those that are sick, that are hurting, that are in trouble of any kind. 

Just as Moses and Aaron stood between the living and dead and make intercessions to God for them, so to can we intercede through prayer for those that are in need today.  

New Testament Lesson

In spite of all contrary evidence, Abraham believed God, believed His word, believed His promise. And in doing this, he become righteous and justified.  It was not through anything he did; rather it was through His belief

Remember, today, we are not saved or justified in God's eye through anything that we can do.  We are not made right with God by anything that we can do. We are brought back home, we are saved, we are made right by God by simply believing in faith, by simply accepting His amazing love, grace, and mercy. 

It is that belief that changes everything. Belief comes first, everything else follows. Today, let us remember how much God loves us.  And let us remember that we can't earn that love.  We just have to simply believe.  

Gospel Lesson

Remember, it is not up to us to whom God gives mercy, even those that we may feel like are undeserving. Remember, aren't we also undeserving. God gives grace and mercy to all, for all are underselling, but God loves every one spite of that. 

Today, just as God freely gives His love, mercy, and grace, may we freely give forgiveness, grace, and love to all that we meet.  But, not in our name.  In Jesus'

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